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Baby Elephant Gets Rescued

I saw in the news that a wild baby elephant in Goalpara, India had recently been trapped in a ditch after slipping on a railway embankment.  The passengers of a train stopped to help the baby and mom. They gave the calf vegetation to eat and stayed with it as it took 11 hours before the baby was safely rescued from the ditch via forest professionals. This is a wonderful example of how people can get creative and rescue animals.  And it means so much to the animals.  After seeing the video of the scene, I felt ‘called’ to check in on the baby and its mom. Will you be as surprised as I was by the interaction?!

Friday 3-27-15

Baby: I am fine. I knew I’d be ok. Right now I am stressed that mom is stressed. I liked the cool mud in the ditch. It was slimy and cold on me. She (mom) kept calling me. I wasn’t sure what to do as there was nothing to do!  So I just enjoyed the ride. Please work on her because the situation has made her quite crazy.  I’m really fine. Oh, and I liked all the people around. But they seemed upset and I wasn’t sure why—maybe because my mom was so upset.  I was really ok. It was nice to get out (of the ditch) too. I’m fine---always was (throughout the ordeal). I was a bit confused when it first happened, but then I just let go and enjoyed the ride.  It was an adventure of sorts. Work on mom. She is sometimes nasty now. She is in a bad mood much of the time.


Ma: I prefer the name, Ma. (Animals prefer names based on how it sounds to them, how it feels, vibrationally, and how the humans feel when they say their names.) I’m a mess. My right leg is still in pain from digging to try to reach the baby. I was terrified more than words can describe. I could do nothing and I just kept trying over and over without success. I was happy to receive assistance and to get the baby free but it’s taken quite a toll on me. I have nightmares about it—like I’m still there. And my aching leg keeps reminding me of it.  I don’t let the baby out of my sight and keep having ‘attacks’ where I think the scene is happening again and again. Please help me.

Wendy: I’m guided to place Ma on a Reiki Grid.  This means that she gets healing, remotely, and that the healing will continue, even once we complete the session today.  As we begin, I feel (in my own body) her heart aching, then angst in her belly that worsens, then improves, then worsens.  Then I feel her gratitude, a softening, a calming, and then some of her physical pain returning.  This went on for a while.  

Ma: The people were very kind. They were upset, along with me, and helped us.

Wendy: Gratitude, then pain worsens again. I help Ma remember a natural process called brain entrainment where she is to mimic my calm body, followed by our bodies ‘harmonizing’ so that she feels connected and relaxed.  This is typically an unconscious experience between mother and offspring, so I knew it was fresh in her memory.  I get my body to feel very calm and I experience many yawns, as I deeply relax my own body and keep inviting Ma to mimic me. (I feel great….. side benefit of doing this work! The animals love it when we receive these gifts too.) This is about lots of release of trauma for Ma too. Her right leg is much better. Shoulder is still off. She continues to receive healing from the Reiki grid.

Baby: Thanks as she is different already.  I’m ok.

Sunday 3-29-15

Baby: I can tell you she is much better, but not entirely.  She seems calmer and that helps me. I wish we could return to how things were. I’m starting to pick up her anxiety, so let’s find a way to go back to normal.  That is, before the ditch incident happened.  It is too stressful now.  I keep trying to tell her it is fine, in every way I know how.  She continues to be stressed out. Her milk has not tasted the same since this happened.  This is pushing me to drink less from her which is a good thing for both of us. 

Ma: (Notice how the baby is still needing to distance & feels stressed, yet Ma is improving.) I’m on my way.  Much better than I was.  I’m still upset and worried.  What if it happens again?  Will the baby be ok?  I want to return to how things were before the ditch incident.  I do not know how.  My right leg is about 50% better. The nightmares have a less intense quality to them and I no longer awaken with a startled response. The quantity and quality of the ‘attacks’ is much less.

Wendy: Ma says “Yes” to receive energy work. During this process Ma shows me a scene of her mother keeling over from a standing position, suddenly. (Her mother died. The rest of the herd cared for her.)  Ma was young but weaned when this happened.  Then I feel strong heart ache, body aches, strong pain in the right leg, then just the foot. Ma was reminded of this trauma when her calf got stuck in the ditch.  Now we are healing both distressing scenes for Ma.  We do more energy work. Still aching, but only in the shoulder and foot. Ma says enough healing for now.

Tuesday 3-31-15

Ma:  My right shoulder is still somewhat achy but nothing like it was.  It is much, much better. I’m sorry to be so much trouble. (I tell her it is my delight to serve her and her baby)  The baby and I are one but I feel like I’ve failed. I just don’t have it to give right now.  The attention needs to be on me and my healing. (Ma only needed a ‘witness’ to her feelings here.)  The baby is ok and nursing less.  I need to trust all is well so I’m just trying to accept this healing process and feel fine.  The baby is strong and resilient.  I knew that upon the birth.  There is just a bit of ache still in that upper front leg.  About 90% better. It will continue to heal.  The nightmares are nearly gone, hardly at all.  I can take my eyes off of the baby and know all is well.  The ‘attacks’ are gone.  A bit of anxiety in the belly when I think about it.  Otherwise, I am fine. 

Baby:  Thank you.  She is nearly back to herself.  You know, that was truly quite a good time (falling in the ditch.)  I still think about it with joy and wonder.  All the people were entertaining to watch. I liked the focus on me! I knew all would be well.  It was a nice adventure.  I know Ma is doing her best and I have the herd to count on too.

Wednesday 4-1-15

Ma & Baby together: we are fine.  Really.  Nearly back to our selves.  Enjoying life.

Ma:  I truly feel fine, emotionally.  No nightmares.  No constant worry.  Tiniest bit of anxiety when I remember the scene but nothing really to speak of.  The right leg and foot muscles tighten at times.  Just briefly.  I could use a bit more of your attention to these areas.

Wendy: I agree to connect with Ma again and to work with her until all the painful symptoms have gone.  I thank both Ma and baby and say goodbye for now.

More photos of the baby here.


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