Feral Cats During the Florida Hurricane

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Feral Cats During the Florida Hurricane

catsI, along with a neighbor, have been feeding two feral cats for the past few years.  They are siblings and very connected.  They live outdoors.  I’ve trained them to stay outdoors but, recently Sista (the sister) has been inside a couple of times and enjoyed it.   Four days prior to the Hurricane, I asked them, telepathically, if they wanted to come with me to stay in a safer house on higher ground for a couple of days.  Sista clearly said, ‘Yes.’  Brotha (the brother) clearly said, ‘No.’   I needed to respect his decision and I knew his hiding place was in a concrete block garage where he could climb on top of things, so I trusted he would be safe.

The Saturday morning that I left my house, Sista was waiting at my back-glass door at 6am. She had never arrived so early or at this particular door in the morning.  This is the door where she had entered the house a few times recently.  I took that as earth plane proof that the Animal Communication was accurate.  She was eager to get into the house but then became upset that I wasn’t letting her back out.  I asked again, via Animal Communication, and she said, ‘yes, I want to go with you.’  So, I put her into a carrier and she soon settled down.  She was perfectly fine all day, even as I set her free into my friend’s large bathroom later on Saturday.  It was too risky to give her free reign of the big house. By Sunday eve, the hurricane was in full force.  We put her back into the cat carrier.  The carrier kept her safe with us in the middle of the house. She was even fine being introduced to the dog while in the carrier.  Since the house was solidly build and the windows had hurricane shutters, we hardly heard any noise at all, throughout the hurricane.   She continued to be a very chilled-out cat. 

At 2am, Sista started going berserk.  She was meowing (which she only does when distressed).  She was trying her darnedest to escape from the carrier, which was a new behavior.   I kept trying to calm her down, by speaking softly, both with my voice and telepathically.  Nothing worked.  She went on like this for about 15 minutes and I was concerned about her distress.  Plus, we could not sleep!  I placed her back into the bathroom so that she was not contained in the carrier as we were pretty certain that the hurricane had passed by about this time.
The next day, I returned to my house, only to find that 3 enormous and intertwined Ficus trees had fallen and covered nearly every part of my 1200 square foot deck.  They were, on their sides, up about 40 feet in the air.  They had knocked over a 7’ high fence and very thick deck railings.   Additionally, there were 3 trunks of palm trees that had fallen on my metal roof, 2 large, old-growth tree trunks had split and fallen on the fence and in the yard, and 2 palm trees that were killed due to wind or lightening.  As you can imagine, I was awestruck when I saw this scene.

When I tuned into the cats, telepathically, again, Sista told me that the Brotha was calling to her in utter panic when she was going berserk.  And, that the noise was unbearable. He was terrified.  He was calling on his sister, via Animal Communication.  She could hardly stand not being able to get to him, with her physical body.
My mistake was that I did not use the Animal Communication properly.   When Sista was distressed, my only thought was to calm her down.  Next time, I will truly listen to why she is suddenly distressed.   Also, had I understood that Brotha was severely upset, I would have worked with him, telepathically, to assist him in understanding the situation, and worked with both to remind them that they can calm one another via Animal Communication.  Next, I would have assured both that we would be reunited within about 10 hours.  Likely, this could have made a tremendous difference for them.  

After learning the truth, I then did a bunch of healing work on both the cats, to address the trauma for each of them.  They do seem fine now.

It was a great learning experience for me!


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