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Animal Communication By Wendy


Feral Cats During the Florida Hurricane!  Cats

I, along with a neighbor, have been feeding two feral cats for the past few years. They are siblings and very connected. They live outdoors. I’ve trained them to stay outdoors but, recently Sista (the sister) has been inside a couple of times and enjoyed it. Four days prior to the Hurricane, I asked them, telepathically, if they wanted to come with me to stay in a safer house on higher ground for a couple of days. Sista clearly said, ‘Yes.’ Brotha (the brother) clearly said, ‘No.’ I needed to respect his decision and I knew his hiding place was in a concrete block garage where he could climb on top of things, so I trusted he would be safe. read more


The Polarities — The Election from the Animals' Perspective  owl

For years, I’ve received existential messages via animal communication.  The messages are relevant to the evolution of the planet, including, of course, the human species.  One of the most profound messages is referred to, by the animals, as The Polarities.  Examples of The Polarities are ‘right vs. wrong,’ ‘black vs. white,’ or, in the present state of our nation, ‘republican vs. democrat.’  It is about extreme ways of thinking and communicating.  The animals consistently say that one of the most important responsibilities for humans, right now, is to explore The Polarities. 

When the animals give me this message for their humans, it is always in the same way. read more


Rupert Saved LivesRupert

When he started having seizures, Rupert’s humans needed someone else to take on the efforts and financial responsibility.   Deb and John stepped up to serve.  Rupert had numerous health challenges and did take a lot of effort but the trade off was well worth it.  During one of our animal communication sessions, Rupert requested that Deb take him everywhere, so he could do his work.  And, so, she did!  Thousands of people... read more




Zsa Zsa was my 11-year old Maltese.  ZsaZsa

She had been ill for months.  She was clearly in the process of crossing over and agitated.  I took her to a holistic /conventional vet who suggested we give her steroids to help her pain.  I tuned into Zsa Zsa about whether she wanted the steroids.  She said, “Definitely.” She immediately seemed renewed from the medicine, as she started to eat again and sit up.  But within a few of days she was lying down and could not get up.  I tuned into her and she was begging me to euthanize her, saying she was in a lot of pain.   Putting an animal down seemed like the most abhorrent thing I could ever do.   Yet, telepathically, Zsa Zsa was so clear about her needs.  I did have her put down but was confused.  Why did she say she wanted steroids when she probably would have crossed over on her own?   Her answer had to do with gifts for me that have, since, altered my life.   She said, “The reason was 2-fold.   I wanted us to have just a bit more quality time together.  And, you needed to have the experience of using your power in a very wise way.”    The telepathy allowed me to understand how spirit works through our animals and how everything has a higher purpose.


Max's Clean Exit

Max, an 18 month old Blue Australian Cattle Dog was a stray and at a rescue facility for 3 months. David rescued Max when Max was 2 days away from being euthanized.David tells their story...

Baby Elephant Gets Rescued

I saw in the news that a wild baby elephant in Goalpara, India had recently been trapped in a ditch after slipping on a railway embankment.  The passengers of a train stopped to help the baby and mom. They gave the calf vegetation to eat and stayed with it as it took 11 hours before the baby was safely rescued from the ditch via forest professionals. This is a wonderful example of how people can get creative and rescue animals.  And it means so much to the animals.  After seeing the video of the scene, I felt ‘called’ to check in on the baby and its mom. Will you be as surprised as I was by the interaction?! Here's what I learned.

Animal Communication with Kittens!

Samantha, and four kittens (Spot, Blackie, Socks and Cutie Pie) showed up at my house about 3 weeks ago.  It has been a pleasure and wonderful learning experience to foster them so that they have a chance to be domesticated, then adopted, and so that Samantha can be safe by being spayed.  The kittens are about 9 weeks now.  Here are just a few highlights of how Animal Communication (AC) has been tremendously helpful for the process.

Moose's Mission

Alison calls me a few months ago, saying that her dog, Moose, crossed over 8 months ago.  She expresses that this is the first death of an animal companion that she has experienced "up close."  She cries most days about Moose.  Alison lives with 2 other dogs (Luna & Yogi) and 3 cats (Yin, Yan, Manx.)

What follows are, first, Moose’s “statements” in general to Alison during the 75 minute phone session. Then Moose and the other animals respond, telepathically, to Alison’s questions about Moose’s transition to the spirit world.  Remember that the animals words come through in ways that Alison can understand via her intellect and emotions.

Moose: I am THE most loved dog in the entire world!  (Huge smile from Moose.) I’m setting the stage for today.  I came to you, in part, to take you to a new level with humor.  (Alison comments that Moose was definitely funny.) You know, you are just a piece of work!  You are MY piece of work.  (More smiles from Moose.)

Alison: Why did you go so fast?  The vet recommended it, but did I put you down too soon?

Moose: I am your Spirit Guide. (This is a descriptive term that comes through in about 10-20% of sessions. It is energy that travels with us through time. Its purpose is to serve us by helping us to grow in some way. This data helps to explain the severity of Alison's pain after Moose's transition.) Yes, I went at the perfect time.  I needed to stay in that body to experience the pain in order to learn that I can be happy even while suffering.  Experiencing physical pain was part of my ascension. (“Ascension” is a term the animals use to describe what they are working on for their own growth while in this body.  The goal is always to be happiest and healthiest.)   

My mission here was, and still is, to lighten you up and to expand your heart.

Your heart needed to break open to go to the next level.  Therefore, we connected deeply and the loss broke your heart.  Painful, yet necessary for your ascension. Take my comments personally but don’t take them personally.  (That is, hear my message but don’t be offended.) Put wall paper around the house with my photo on it. (Of course, this is a joke.) But, seriously, you may want to create an alter to honor me and to remind you that I’m still serving you. Please use this mantra for yourself: Lightness, Freedom, Joy & Laughter.

Alison: Are you returning to me in another body, Moose?

Read more about Moose's Mission...

Free Rein: Socrates' Story

SocratesSocrates comes to Dawn at age 4. He is now age 16. Socrates suffers from weakness in his hind end for the past year. He may have a neurological disease/parasite called EPM, or he may have a nutrition deficiency in vitamin E, which could be at least part of the issue. The chiropractor says it’s about arthritis, but his x-rays come back clean. Dawn’s questions for Socrates are:

            • Is it worth the cost and effort to do the EPM medical regime?
        • Will certain vitamins or feed supplements help?
      • Is Socrates “finished” and ready to cross-over now?

Socrates Speaks Telepathically via Phone, October 22, 2012:
“My mission is to teach you, and to learn for myself, good boundaries and healthy ways to love; also I do energetic healing on those around me.  It is your call about whether I cross-over now, and, in your decision, consider the hardship on your finances and life.  You humans do anything to keep a body going, but why? For example, a flower dies because it is ready to move on.  Letting go of the body is less of a deal than you think.  You and I did our work for 10 years and that’s when things shifted beautifully.  We have completed my mission with you. It is your call about whether my cross-over should be now, and decide from your high-self, not ego.  For example, do not choose for me to stay because of your guilt or our wonderful history together.  If I stay, put me on the EPM regime and get me someone to heal — the same person daily is best & I love healing humans;  Dante (another horse with Dawn) is too needy to live in the stall with and, remember, that I merge with beings like you do, so it can be exhausting. I would do better in my own stall. Vitamins and feed supplements will not make much of a difference.  Share this data with people you trust and trust your intuition.”

I received this email from Dawn on October 24, 2012:
Thank you, Wendy. I'm still processing everything. The hardest part is that he's asking me to make such a big decision for him. I don't know if I can. I'll listen to the reading again and pray on it. I'm afraid that even if I treat him with the medicine and find him a person, I have no guarantee that it will workout long term and then we will be back to square one. I'm not comfortable giving him away to anyone either, but I feel like I need more conviction to make the decision to put him down... like he's in pain, or severely ill. I feel like we are at the end of our road, but I don't know if I can let him go. On the other hand, the guilt of keeping him alive, when he's so unhappy is hard to bear as well. I have a lot to pray about, and I'm grateful that you were able to voice so much of what I was feeling with him.

Read more about Socrates' Story....

The client, Sally, asked for a reading on Alice.

Alice is a 16 year old beagle mix who crossed over after Alice and Angel, Sally's rescued lab mix, were left in a car with some food.   Sally was distracted by a phone call when she left the 2 dogs alone in the car. Alice did have a sneaky reputation at home for going for Angels food once she finished her own.  As we know, it’s not uncommon for dogs to fight over food. The scene was heartbreaking for Sally when she discovered the attack because she was always so responsible and, in a few seconds, forgot the potential for danger.  Alice did not immediately die. She was old and the bite was on her sternum.  The recovery would be LONG and PAINFUL.  Sally made the decision to put Alice down.  As you can imagine, Sally felt to blame for Alice's departure, and still harbored some resentment toward Angel who is now 11 years old.  When we tuned in, Alice was very clear that it was her time to cross over and that she was perfectly ok to "go that way."  She said, "I gave it my best shot! (and smiled)  I recall no pain.  It was very quick. I am fine.  I always was. It was no big deal to leave that body.  It wasn't working so well by that time anyway."  Angel was also perfectly fine with the scenario as she said, "That's just how it happened. We (animals) don't harbor guilt. It happened as it did.  All is well." 

Sally harbored horrible guilt for 4 years until hearing of Alice & Angel's description of the experience.   She sobbed through the animal communication reading.   Afterwards, she felt complete with her grief around Alice's death and much closer to Angel. Sally also received very specific suggestions about how to deal with a few of Angel's behavioral issues.

 Garry urgently requests relief as he worries about his wife’s well being.  

Linda watched the love of her life, Jo (Josephine), her horse companion for 13-years, suddenly die.  Jo had colic, a common and life-threatening illness for horses. Jo had no symptoms 4 hours prior to her transition. I had forgotten to ask Garry to forward photos of any other “sibling” pets. Garry sent his photo of Jo. Her son, Gabriel, happened to be in the photo. This was fortunate as Linda said that Gabriel had spent a few days away from the barn and she was concerned about his reaction upon his return.  

JoGabriel “jumped” in immediately once we tuned in and he was full of important data.  He knew that his mom had crossed over and they did not miss a beat around their telepathic communication while she was on the earth plane and thereafter.  He had the smallest amount of grief, which we cleared, but was, mostly pleased to now be the only horse in Linda’s eyes.  The image of Gabriel happily bucking in a meadow was an image that Garry said actually occurs quite frequently!  This made sense, because, since Jo is now on the spirit plane, Linda is encouraged to learn and practice her Animal Communication skills in order to connect with Jo.

Jo, the mom, acknowledged that she was, and still is, a spirit-guide for Linda. This means that Linda may call on Jo for help at anytime and receive clear guidance. Jo gives Linda very specific assignments during the session about how to grieve and how to start their new and, from Jo’s perspective, exciting relationship via telepathic communication. Linda asked why Jo left so quickly. Jo said it was because it would cause Linda the least amount of pain.  She also tells Linda that she desired the transition and that she knew that she could better serve Linda from the other side. Linda later declares that she, for a while, has had the vision to become an animal communicator.


Greg, age 40, asks for closure about 2 pets that he lost while in his teens. 

Greg describes grieving and struggling for years about these profound losses during his youth.

Joe was an 8-year old Sheppard mix that ran away on July 4th, 1984 at a fireworks celebration.  Soon, thereafter, Monty, a green parakeet who was a part of nearly every family event, was, mistakenly, set free by a bird sitter.  Neither pet was ever recovered. 

JoeThe pets decide who comes forward first, and whether it is a collective message from all or messages from individuals.  Joe was emphatic that he needed to share ASAP. Joe had never gotten the chance to help Greg understand why he needed to leave.  Initially he left because of the severity of the noise. It was very disturbing.  He found himself on the side of a road and was suddenly encouraged to get into a pick-up truck. The driver had every intention of returning Joe to the owner as he could see the contact info from Joe’s collar.  That night, he kept Joe and got the strongest internal message he had ever received.  He was to become companions with Joe and not return him.  He felt guilty but followed his intuition. It was exactly right. During the animal communication, Joe was ecstatic in personality and behavior. He served exactly whom he was supposed to and was proud of his work in the world. Although Greg grieved for years, it made sense to, finally, know the truth.  Joe was, at long last, able to help Greg to understand why he had to move on.

Monty, the parakeet had a different story.  There was a good deal of painful energy around this spirit.  I saw him in a bare tree. He was cold, hungry, had no clue how to care for himself.  He just wanted to get home.   (Remember that these images are not literal.  They are symbolic.)  We complete a number of clearing exercises and the image morphs to that of a strong bird that happily flies into the distance.  It is helpful for Greg to know that Monty really did want to return to the family. Moreover, Greg felt validated, as he knew that Monty was in pain, and relieved to know that all is now healed and complete.



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