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Free Rein: Socrates' Story

SocratesSocrates comes to Dawn at age 4. He is now age 16. Socrates suffers from weakness in his hind end for the past year. He may have a neurological disease/parasite called EPM, or he may have a nutrition deficiency in vitamin E, which could be at least part of the issue. The chiropractor says it’s about arthritis, but his x-rays come back clean. Dawn’s questions for Socrates are:

Socrates Speaks Telepathically via Phone, October 22, 2012:
“My mission is to teach you, and to learn for myself, good boundaries and healthy ways to love; also I do energetic healing on those around me.  It is your call about whether I cross-over now, and, in your decision, consider the hardship on your finances and life.  You humans do anything to keep a body going, but why? For example, a flower dies because it is ready to move on.  Letting go of the body is less of a deal than you think.  You and I did our work for 10 years and that’s when things shifted beautifully.  We have completed my mission with you. It is your call about whether my cross-over should be now, and decide from your high-self, not ego.  For example, do not choose for me to stay because of your guilt or our wonderful history together.  If I stay, put me on the EPM regime and get me someone to heal — the same person daily is best & I love healing humans;  Charger (another horse with Dawn) is too needy to live in the stall with and, remember, that I merge with beings like you do, so it can be exhausting. I would do better in my own stall. Vitamins and feed supplements will not make much of a difference.  Share this data with people you trust and trust your intuition.”

I received this email from Dawn on October 24, 2012:
Thank you, Wendy. I'm still processing everything. The hardest part is that he's asking me to make such a big decision for him. I don't know if I can. I'll listen to the reading again and pray on it. I'm afraid that even if I treat him with the medicine and find him a person, I have no guarantee that it will workout long term and then we will be back to square one. I'm not comfortable giving him away to anyone either, but I feel like I need more conviction to make the decision to put him down... like he's in pain, or severely ill. I feel like we are at the end of our road, but I don't know if I can let him go. On the other hand, the guilt of keeping him alive, when he's so unhappy is hard to bear as well. I have a lot to pray about, and I'm grateful that you were able to voice so much of what I was feeling with him.

Dawn and I speak by phone, October 29, 2012:Dawn&Socrates
Dawn decides to go with the EPM regime and Socrates will be transported to live with Dawn’s Dad, about 10 hours away. Dad lives alone and could use the psychological support. I briefly tune into Socrates and he loves this idea.

Dawn’s email, December 3, 2012:
I speak with my dad regularly, and he reports that Socrates is doing very well. They are learning about each other and taking things slowly. Socrates finished the EPM treatments last week and responded very well. He is not 100%, but I believe over time, he may continue to improve. I rode him a couple times while I was down there, and he felt so well he just wanted to run the entire ride. Huge change from how he was a month ago.

Socrates Speaks Telepathically via Phone, December 3, 2012:
 I miss Dawn; (Dawn cries about missing him. I do an “Energy Separation” for them where they can love each other just as much but with better boundaries and less grief)  I am lonely and need more time and attention from Dad, and to be loved like Dad loved another from way back when (Scruffy his beloved dog from over 30 years ago); Even just being in the same vicinity with Dad will help both of us. Grooming by Dad would be ideal. The Energy Separation helps me to physically heal. My health is still somewhat challenging.

Socrates&DadDawn’s Email, February 21, 2013:
Dad has been regularly grooming and riding Socrates and their relationship is progressing. They are learning to communicate with each other, however at times they both become frustrated that it's not seamless. Physically, Socrates is doing very well. He still trips occasionally, but has put weight back on and has a renewed luster to his coat. His energy level is good and he's enjoying his new life. There are lots of tourists that walk up and down the street outside his corral and he likes it when they pet him and take his picture. This is surprising, because he's not very affectionate with anyone who gets physically close to him. Dad purchased a harness and buggy, and I'm going down there next month to teach them both to drive. I think it will be a good match for them.

Socrates Speaks Telepathically via Phone, February 21, 2013:Buggy
I am relieved to finally have one (a human) to serve again.  This is what I live for.  The onlookers are a challenge for me. Most just want to look and I do my best to draw them in for connection and their as well as my healing. (Dawn then says the tourists must make efforts to come off the street and walk through the property to get to Socrates, so he truly IS drawing them in. Dawn describes that Dad lives in southern California in a 6,000 sq ft historical building that used to be an oldtime movie set.  Dad built a corral for Socrates.)  It is entertaining to me. I am in process with my own healing journey. Dad is truly making successful efforts and our time together is serving both of us.  He is a unique challenge for me. You were  easy to heal.  Dad gives me mixed messages that say “come close, now go away.” This is a good test for me.  (Dawn describes their riding challenge where Dad gives him mixed messages); YEEEE HAAAA about the buggy with Dad; message for Dad is to surrender to the joy and freedom of what it (life) is all about. Let go of the reins for 5 seconds and let me carry you. You need to let me in. (I then tell Socrates the dates that Dawn is visiting in March.) I am in heaven as you are my heart and soul. (I then tell Socrates that Charger, Dawn’s present horse, will be coming too. He rolls his eyes.) Just kidding.  It will be wonderful for our family to be reunited. BUT, don’t distract me.  I have a job now! We (Charger & I) will work it out!  (I hear the Beatles song “We Can Work it Out,” and Socrates’s eyes are closed and his head is swaying to and fro.  This is a metaphor about his comfort level and joy.  Dawn then shares that Dad plays lots of rock and roll all day.)

SocratesDawn’s Final Email, February 22, 2013:
I would say this has definitely been a success story :) Thank you for your guidance! Also, Dad got a real kick out of Socrates calling the tourists “onlookers.” That's really a perfect description. Most of them are these funny city people from LA. I thought about it and Socrates probably feels like they are some other breed of human. He's really only ever interacted with "horse people" before. They must be rather alien to him and as such he's taken an interest in connecting with them. Cracks me up.

Socrate’s story is just one example of the power of Animal Communication and its impact on both animals and people.






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