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Max's Clean Exit

Max, an 18 month old Blue Australian Cattle Dog was a stray and at a rescue facility for 3 months. David rescued Max when Max was 2 days away from being euthanized.  David tells their story....


“When we got there Saturday morning [to the rescue], they had to drag him out of his cage. He was not friendly and not too trusting. They had me go into a small room about 15 feet square and then put him in with me and shut the door. I took a chair and put it against the center of a wall away from the door. He went and sat in the corner closest to the door. For five minutes neither of us moved. We just stared at each other. Finally he stood up. He walked over to me slowly and sniffed my leg. Then he lifted his leg and urinated on my legs. Then he jumped up into my lap and licked my face. Thereafter, he never willingly let me out of his sight since.

"A few days later I went in for a job interview. I had recently been downsized. It was the second interview and I was offered the job. It would be hard work, 80 hour weeks, but great money and a stake in a new company. I accepted. When I got home an hour later, Max had destroyed some of my favorite things. I was furious. I wanted to kill him. So I sat down and breathed and thought. And I came to the conclusion that he was right. After almost two years in a corporate job after graduate school, I realized I didn’t want to spend all my time inside any more either. I picked up the phone and called the employer and told them I was going to have to pass on their offer.That was the first time Max saved me from myself.

"Three weeks later we took off on a 1 year journey through the US, Canada and Mexico. I strapped a large crate onto the back of my motorcycle. Max took one look at it, jumped up on the seat and into the crate and sat down, ready to go.

"We traveled over 20,000 miles, camping and exploring and he was the best friend and companion I could have asked for. Only twice did he refuse to jump up onto the bike. The first time was when the crate fell off going over a mountain pass in Colorado at 5 miles an hour. He was not happy. Not injured, but not happy. The second time was when we did an 18 hour day from Los Angeles to New Mexico. I didn’t want to get back on either. 

"Max traveled with me through ten countries in North, Central and South America. He has been rafting, kayaking, tubing on the Rio Grande and flying to South America. He protected me at night when we camped out. He attacked the police that tried to rob us in Mexico. And he was my friend. He saved my life and he changed my life."

Fast forward to Max at age 14 ½ years old.  Again, David tells their story...

“It happened in an instant. One minute the ‘old man’ was down standing in the water of the Panama Canal. He couldn’t see well and he was almost deaf. I had been calling him, yelling for him to come for five minutes. But he didn’t hear me. Maybe it was selective. He was probably just enjoying himself and at 14 and a half years old didn’t have to listen to anyone. I’m glad he did. Ten minutes later he was gone.  I watched as Max was suddenly attacked by a massive swarm of bees.  I tried to help but it was impossible. Max seemed stunned, then succumbed and let go of his body all in one fell swoop.  Yes, he died.  It all happened in a matter of moments.


"I just finished bathing and drying him, his body. It was clear that’s what it was. I didn’t feel anything else there. [David was aware enough to notice how ‘out of body’ Max’s spirit already was, even before the bee experience.] And I felt very alone. Less than alone. I felt as if part of me was missing.” [The feeling of wanting to die with the animal, or like a part of the person left with the animal is, often, a clue that this animal is a Spirit Guide. Perhaps this level of pain is what incentivizes people to stay connected telepathically, once the animal goes.  That is, the person and animal are meant to stay connected!]

As David told me this story, I was horrified.  I wondered why something so awful would happen to both Max and his family.  Aside from wanting for us to heal Max from this trauma, David felt guilty because, recently, he had wished that Max would cross over and felt relief at the thought. David was not even sure why he had that thought.  Here are a few highlights of what Max shared when we opened up to the Animal Communication process:

"All is co-created and there are no victims. (This means that Max had just as much to do with the bee attack happening as the bees did). I love everyone, even the bees. The bites felt like mosquito bites. (Max hardly felt the bites, and he refers to the experience when the insect first bites, and not the itching.) I was 80% out of the body to begin with.  I have been planning this. (That is, Max was ready to cross and waiting for the right opportunity.) Your thought of me ‘wishing’ that I would cross was me downloading that thought for you. I needed for you to have the chance to imagine it before it happened as a way to prepare. Remember that I am Spirit Guide energy* (see below) for you and I chose to go now because I am truly ready--and have been for quite some time—and because you are at a crossroads, and are finally ready to let go of my body. I will serve you best from this perspective.  You have granddad work to do and he (granddad) is a guide of sorts for you too."

Animal Communication two days after Max transitions out of his body:

"You (David) are doing everything right except seeing the event as a celebration. It was quick and easy for us (David and Max.) Come to this situation from your 6th & 7th chakras. I came into your dreams last night. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Hang on for the ride."

The animals have very different interpretations of life [and death] compared to humans.  Max’s story helps us realize that there is more to understand than just what we see and assume.  Moreover, Max was actually fine.  It was David that needed some healing.  Listening to Max’s version of the situation was enormously useful to David.  David took the Animal Communication class and continues to have telepathic guidance from Max, a Spirit Guide.

*Spirit Guide energy: This energy is in 10-20% of the animals that I tune into via Animal Communication.  The animals describe that they are with the person from the beginning to end of time, whether the animal is incarnated or not. Therefore, it is important for people to continue to experience telepathic connections with these animals as a way to grow and feel deep connections on our spiritual paths.


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