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Animal Communication By Wendy
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Animal Communication with Kittens!

Samantha, and four kittens (Spot, Blackie, Socks and Cutie Pie) showed up at my house about 3 weeks ago.  It has been a pleasure and wonderful learning experience to foster them so that they have a chance to be domesticated, then adopted, and so that Samantha can be safe by being spayed.  The kittens are about 9 weeks now.  Here are just a few highlights of how Animal Communication (AC) has been tremendously helpful for the process.

• Tragedy from the cats’ perspective: I was watching Samantha and the kittens (from a window in my house) eat the first evening I fed them.  A big tabby, who I call Tommy, suddenly came and seemingly touched one of the kittens.  The kitten crossed over within about 15 seconds.  I felt angry with Tommy and guilty that I contributed to this situation!  I tuned in telepathically.  His first ‘words’ were “Just doin’ my job.”  Then he gives me a clair-cognizant message about what he meant.  That is, Samantha was SO overwhelmed with her Mom job that Tommy was ‘lightening her load’ so that she could cope better. (Sure enough a fifth kitten arrived later, so she did have a lot) Tommy asked if we could be friends. I told him that my job now is to foster the kittens and Samantha, and that he needed to stay away from the perimeter of my house, but, likely friends later.  I then agree, at his request, to be his ‘telepathic friend,’ as he put it. This means that I connect daily just to touch base.  I have kept my promise and he has kept his promise to stay away!  Meanwhile, when I do some AC with the kitten, it is puuurfectly content and pleased to be out of body.  Also, that the cross-over was nearly painless.  Samantha was feeling guilty for not protecting her kitten.  We did energy work on her and helped to reconnect her to the kitten telepathically.

Blackie & Cutie

Socks & Spot

• I need help: Before bringing the cats indoors, I wondered if Samantha was still nursing.  The very day that I asked her to show me, she does so by sitting in front of my window and staring at me as her kittens nurse.  She also tells me, during this exchange, that she needs help. 

• Humane Trapping:  I put out the intention to them that it would be best to catch the kittens, then Mom.  That is exactly what manifested. And, Samantha jumped in the trap within an hour of the last kitten coming indoors.

• Samantha is ready to go: The cats have been indoors for nearly 2 weeks now.  Yesterday, Samantha would not eat breakfast and kept staring at me.  I know that the staring is a typical sign that the animals want to connect telepathically.  When I tune into her, she exclaims, “I’m done!”  She means that she wants to leave this space. I let her know that, we will need to trap her, take her for spaying, and set her free but that she will likely not be with her kittens again.  Within 30 seconds of completing this exchange, Samantha goes into the cat condo, which is similar to a trap, finishes her meal, then lays down in the condo and stares at me, saying that she is ready. 

• Regression--- I only placed their food in the traps that Samantha was seeing for the first time since she arrived here, to prepare for the actual trapping of Samantha.   She was, then, minimally eating, and the kittens were eating less too.  Clearly she associates the traps with bad things.  Also, the kittens started nursing again, when they seemed to have stopped.  We are working on healing her from the trauma of viewing two of the kittens being trapped, and her own trapping.  But, when we actually did try to get her into the carrier, she was still scared, so it took a bit of time.  There were 3 of us.  How many people does it take to get a cat in a carrier!?  Samantha actually loved the attention.  Moreover, each time I have checked in since, telepathically, she is relieved.

• Progress---Blackie and Spot are eating right from my hand and climbing on my legs.  Socks just ate of my hand today.  Spot allows petting too.  The kittens are playing with me.  The runt, Cutie Pie, is tiny and rarely hides anymore. Samantha was also eating from my hand and allowing pets from another. But, because she continued to role models fear for her kittens, they will likely make tremendous progress now that she is on her own. 


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