The Polarities —

The Election from the Animals' Perspective

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The Polarities — The Election from the Animals' Perspective

owlFor years, I’ve received existential messages via animal communication.  The messages are relevant to the evolution of the planet, including, of course, the human species.  One of the most profound messages is referred to, by the animals, as The Polarities.  Examples of The Polarities are ‘right vs. wrong,’ ‘black vs. white,’ or, in the present state of our nation, ‘republican vs. democrat.’  It is about extreme ways of thinking and communicating.  The animals consistently say that one of the most important responsibilities for humans, right now, is to explore The Polarities. 

When the animals give me this message for their humans, it is always in the same way.

They are essentially confronting their human companion about a way of thinking that is discordant with their highest self.   I hear the term The Polarities (clairaudient-hearing).  I am then guided to explain the definition to the animal’s human companion. (claircognizant-thoughts) I see a vision of discord where there is something that is being experienced with an extreme mindset.  Then I see that mindset coming closer to my face to the point where my eyes can no longer focus and I start to go cross-eyed.  From there, I see an image of steam going up from my crossed-eyes and then the steam evaporates. (clairvoyant-seeing) I always feel this message as strong, difficult emotion in my body. (clairsentient-feeling in the body)  The point is that the extreme way of thinking is no longer useful.

The purpose of The Polarities message for us is to realize how rigid we can be with our beliefs, resulting in severe levels of consternation, strife, hostility and division.  The goal is to see the ‘grays’ and consider other points of view, regardless of our position on a subject, as we embrace respect for diversity, openness and the building of bridges between us.

When growing up, my Dad used to play a game with my brothers and me.  The game was to experience a situation from both sides, especially when one side seemed so obviously ‘right!’  The game usually started with me taking the side I knew about, which enabled me to feel resolute, clear and smart!   But, then I was expected to take the opposite viewpoint as though I truly believed it.  Now that was tough!  Although I have my own challenges with judgement (as we all do) on any situation, this ‘game’ taught me how to take a stand for what I believe, which is a wonderful lesson.  Additionally, it forced me to offer respect for the opposing issue and people with that viewpoint, and to, ultimately, be able to resolve conflict in a kinder and more loving way.

The election process and results encouraged us to take and maintain one side or another.  The current challenge is that we are still taking one side or another.  This does not imply that we need to capitulate to any opinion just to get along.  The Polarities do say that our responsibility is to be respectful, kind and loving.  As we stay in positive thought and emotion around the amazing possibilities for our nation (no matter what we fear is happening or could happen), we can and will move mountains.  And, when we feel moved to take action from this gracious, kind and loving state of being (verses anger and fear), we will catapult to an evolutionary place that is beyond our wildest dreams. 

Let’s get real about The Polarities.  Currently we, in the U.S. have momentum around fear and strife.  How do we shift that collective momentum to hope and possibility?  The answer is three-fold:  personal soul searching relevant to fears and projections; discussions with and support from others about how to be ‘in the light,’ and daily practice around recognizing how to shift to our best selves via our thoughts and feelings. Remember that this skill is applicable to every aspect of our personal lives!

As we keep our focus on what ALL of us wants (for everyone to be happy, healthy, prosperous and free) the States will be United as the United States of America!
The animals work diligently to help us grow into our highest selves. 
In turn, as we live from that highest self, the animals are able to grow on their spiritual paths as well.
As the animals often say, “If you can’t do it for you, do it for me!”  






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