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Moose's Mission

Alison calls me a few months ago, saying that her dog, Moose, crossed over 8 months ago.  She expresses that this is the first death of an animal companion that she has experienced "up close."  She cries most days about Moose.  Alison lives with 2 other dogs (Luna & Yogi) and 3 cats (Yin, Yan, Manx.)

What follows are, first, Moose’s “statements” in general to Alison during the 75 minute phone session. Then Moose and the other animals respond, telepathically, to Alison’s questions about Moose’s transition to the spirit world.  Remember that the animals words come through in ways that Alison can understand via her intellect and emotions.

Moose: I am THE most loved dog in the entire world!  (Huge smile from Moose.) I’m setting the stage for today.  I came to you, in part, to take you to a new level with humor.  (Alison comments that Moose was definitely funny.) You know, you are just a piece of work!  You are MY piece of work.  (More smiles from Moose.)

Alison: Why did you go so fast?  The vet recommended it, but did I put you down too soon?

Moose: I am your Spirit Guide. (This is a descriptive term that comes through in about 10-20% of sessions. It is energy that travels with us through time. Its purpose is to serve us by helping us to grow in some way. This data helps to explain the severity of Alison's pain after Moose's transition.) Yes, I went at the perfect time.  I needed to stay in that body to experience the pain in order to learn that I can be happy even while suffering.  Experiencing physical pain was part of my ascension. (“Ascension” is a term the animals use to describe what they are working on for their own growth while in this body.  The goal is always to be happiest and healthiest.)   

My mission here was, and still is, to lighten you up and to expand your heart.

Your heart needed to break open to go to the next level.  Therefore, we connected deeply and the loss broke your heart.  Painful, yet necessary for your ascension. Take my comments personally but don’t take them personally.  (That is, hear my message but don’t be offended.) Put wall paper around the house with my photo on it. (Of course, this is a joke.) But, seriously, you may want to create an alter to honor me and to remind you that I’m still serving you. Please use this mantra for yourself: Lightness, Freedom, Joy & Laughter.

Alison: Are you returning to me in another body, Moose?

Moose: It is not your business now about whether I will return to you.  (Wendy gets image of Moose whispering to Alison that she can manifest anything--including his return--but she must decide from her highest self as he might serve her best from the spirit world. AND, Alison is NOT to focus on his return now because it will distract her from her present process.)  Keep the clay paw print out for now. Later we may need to do something with it to serve you, such as a ritual. 

Alison: I feel guilty because, after the surgery on your toe, I chose not to put the elisabethan collar on you.  This caused you to need a 2nd surgery.

Moose: this was perfect because the collar would have caused PTSD (deep trauma reaction) & I benefited from the 2nd surgery. (Sometimes animals actually improve from surgeries, either physically, emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually.)

Alison: Did Yogi injure your back?  Did I fail to protect you from him?

Moose: No worries for me as I recalibrated this situation for my ascension.   (By “recalibrated” Moose means that he shifted his focus so the scene was used as an opportunity for his growth) But, yes, I was hurt.  You need to heed the message to care for others when your intuition tells you to do so.  Then, if you fail, you must practice feeling no guilt.  Do you see how this situation served both of us? All is well!

Alison: Did I take you to the vet too many times re: your ear issues?

Moose: Yes.  This was a waste of time, money, and energy.  Just telling you enables me to let it go.  DONE!

Alison: Were you hurt when you fell off the bed?

Moose: THIS scene was great for my ascension.  It was a piece of cake.  I was in minor pain and saw it as nothing.  Then I moved on.  This was JUST what I came into this body to practice and master!

Wendy: hearing 2 songs: “Isn’t She Lovely” (Stevie Wonder) & “I Could Have danced all Night”.  Instructions were that Alison see the lyrics of these songs and apply this to her healing about Moose as well her present life.  Good example of how the animals help us to grow.

Now,  the other animals weigh in about Moose and with data that Alison needs to know:

Luna:  I am VERY sensitive.  I keep tabs on everyone and everything here.  I don’t miss a beat at home.  I stare at you because I’m giving you messages.  I do a good job of clearing negative energy but want you, Alison, to clear more of your own energy by:  flirting, dancing, yoga, meditation, and doing Animal Communication. Please use grounding techniques such as yoga.  All of this will help the whole family.  




Yin: I’m bored and lonely.  Who will provide the jokes around here?  We need to lighten it up.  I miss Moose’s contribution.  He was entertaining and brought levity into our midst.  Someone has to fill in for him.  I’m a bit too skiddish to play that role.  Who else can step up to the plate?  In most cases, when I make noise, I am feeling lonely.  Please give me time and attention.  I love our family.  Thank you.

Yang:  Good riddance about Moose being gone. Juuust kidding. NOOOT!  (It is fairly common that an animal “sibling” is relieved or even pleased when family member crosses over.  There are many reasons.)

Yogi:  I miss Moose. We do still connect, telepathically, but I miss him on the earthplane. Also, I need you, Alison, to massage me, particularly around the right side by the rib. This will help me release grief and feel more comfortable.

Manx:  Easy come, easy go.  It is the cycle of life.  It is the way of the world.  I am fine except that I feel [Alison’s] suffering.  It is just what I do.  And as you heal and be present, I will be fine.

Alison’s update 1 month after the session:
“I started a Moose Shrine and I am continuing to add to it. I have not cried about Moose since our session. I do still think of him often, but peacefully and with gratitude.  And when I have situations where I need help, I ask Moose for help.  I am staying connected to him. I am not sure how much I am "lightening up" yet, but at least I am aware.  I have noticed that the Universe seems to be dispatching "heavy energy" people from my life and bringing lighter energy people in, including a platonic dance partner who epitomizes the joy of dance.  When we dance for fun, I feel like a little kid. :) Before this session, I signed up for an intensive course in Gyrotonic, a movement discipline with some roots in yoga that I have studied for four years.  I took it, and love it so much that I am signing up for another one next month. I have been being more flirtatious, as Luna suggested. It's fun! :)  All in all, our session has really improved my emotional state and was a great way to receive some wonderful and important messages from the Universe.”

Thanks again!”





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