Rupert Changed Lives!

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Rupert Changed Lives!

When he started having seizures, Rupert’s humans needed someone else to take on the efforts and financial responsibility.   Deb and John stepped up to serve.  Rupert had numerous health challenges and did take a lot of effort but the trade off was well worth it.  During one of our animal communication sessions, Rupert requested that Deb take him everywhere, so he could do his work.  And, so, she did!  Thousands of people, over the 8 years that he lived with Deb and John, received the honor of Rupert’s presence.  He cleared energy for Deb (meaning he helped her stay in her happiest place) and routinely helped others to experience great joy with his adorable, puppy-like presence.  People would constantly stop Deb and John on the street to connect with Rupert.  Miraculously, Rupert lived for over 12 years.  Now that Rupert has crossed, it is hard for John to hear Deb’s crying and this is painful for Deb.  Here are a few animal communication snippets from Rupert, just after his crossing over. Please note that the brackets are my comments.

I’m the one who set you straight and I need to know that you get that. [He wants credit for having a good impact on Deb.]  NOW you are (and have been) standing on your own 2 feet! Hee Hee! [Deb has a prosthesis for 1 leg.] See my humor!!!!---it is a bit biting but it works---you are similar; [Very true] I will keep clearing your energy as I always have but soon you need to find ways to clear and to ground yourself. [Rupert is helping Deb realize that she can and needs to find new ways to help herself] There is a fog of heavy energy at home---get space clearing spray or sage for the home.  Everyone should be on Rescue Remedy [flower essence assisting animals and people during stressful times] The intubation [medical procedure] was so intense that I left my body for a few seconds (that’s way longer on the other side!) and came back into my body and THAT was the deciding moment when I knew I needed to go. The other side is so amazing.  The chest compressions [medical procedure to keep Rupert from crossing over before Deb & John arrived] didn’t hurt but they were a waste because I would have waited for you to get there anyway. I didn’t go because of physical decline.  I went because it was time.  Time to go.  When it’s time, it’s time.  You MUST feel the relief of not needing to tend to me anymore, both emotionally and physically [Giving Deb permission and guidance about the importance of experiencing the relief and freedom from needing to care for his body. [Deb says, after the session, that she recently told John she just can’t care for him anymore.]

I touched many, many people’s lives and I feel their pain and it is ok to grieve but careful not to be there too long. John, we are both kings [architype of living with integrity, decisiveness, spirituality, and commitment to watching over others] and rarely competitive. We each had our roles to play and you need to continue this.  You must embrace the ‘king’ inside of you as you share these gifts with the world!  [I get image of John walking Rupert as John, thereafter, reports this was a daily occurrence.] Visualize that we are still taking our walks as a way to bring you solace.  You see my crossing over as a trauma. That trauma needs to be released from the cells in your body. Do this through exercise. Deb or John needs to leave the room or house when Deb cries so John is respected, as it is extremely painful and re-traumatizing to John when Deb cries.  Deb will use others to heal as she needs to, as John heals in his way. [It is common that couples have unique needs during the grief process.]

Time, animal communication and grief work helps Deb to see that she can live without Rupert on the earth plane.  She does feel relieved as Rupert’s body really did need a great deal of time and attention. Deb now gets how she and John have different grief styles, and that she needs to reach out to others. Rupert will never be replaced, yet Deb is already looking into rescuing another pup.  Deb & John are living more easily because Deb uses her support system to grieve as John does his power walking and embracing his ‘king’ energy as that is his way of coping.  Thank you, Rupert for changing lives!  Your legacy lives on and on....






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