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When shall I use Animal Communication services?
What is an Animal Communication session like?
What is the process for new clients?
How do the fees and appointments work?


When shall I use Animal Communication services?

The following are some clues that will help you know when to schedule a session:

Clients use Animal Communication services in different ways. Some clients feel complete after just 1 session. Others do regular check-ins until a challenging situation is remedied. Many clients choose packages where they experience 2 sessions per month at a discounted rate, as they begin the experience of getting to really know their animal, and so they can help their pet to accomplish his/her mission. This is a VERY powerful process and, in many cases, the human companion learns how to telepathically communicate DIRECTLY with the animal. Still other clients schedule monthly sessions to stay current with caring for the animal’s needs and to catch issues before they escalate. My colleague and friend, Dr. Christina Chambreau, Homeopathic Veterinarian, encourages her clients to use Animal Communication services two or more times per year to check in with the animal, even when there have not been external changes. Moreover, animals love the opportunity to communicate with their human companions!  

What is an Animal Communication session like?

All sessions are by phone. This is preferable as being with the animal can be distracting. Animal Communication is the same as telepathic communication. The animals are completely comfortable with telepathy as it is their innate language. Every session is entirely unique, as animals, even telepathically, have personalities. They are often very wise and creative about how they get their message to you. Sometimes it can be surprising to hear their messages. They can be humorous and entertaining. Other times they are in pain and not showing it until the session. Typically, this symptom can quickly be remedied. The animals are nearly always positive and hopeful with their messages. Their message may be to lighten up, while, at other times they want their human companions to take things more seriously. Most always, clients leave their sessions with specific details about what the animal wants and needs, and how to achieve it.  Sometimes the animal needs to understand whether a situation is going to be permanent or temporary. Or he may need to be “reminded” that he can telepathically communicate with another animal that has crossed over. Once things are communicated, they are much less anxious. Also, once they cross over, animals always want to connect with their human companions whom they have left on the earth plane. They always have important messages about their experience. Remember it goes both ways. We can give data to the animal as well as receive information. I often teach my clients how to do telepathic/animal communication in session so they can be receiving messages directly from the animal.

What is the process for new clients?

Just send me a photo of all of the pets living with you, and the ones who have crossed over in the recent past, if possible. Often times, animal “siblings” have relevant information and may need attention as well. We schedule a time to talk by phone. At that designated time, you give me a brief history of the animals’ life and any subjects that you want to cover. (I keep an e-file on each animal with photos and a brief history.) I connect to the animals.  We give them the chance to “speak”, and then ask very specific questions. I typically get a dialogue that I report to you.  Sometimes I access visual images.  Other times I describe a “knowing” about their message for you.  Or I might feel a pain or sensation in my body, indicating another form of communication via your animal.  Clients report that the notes or recording of our phone conversation is very helpful. All the info may not make sense at the time, but more so later. Sessions are by phone, as being with the animal in person is, often, distracting.  If you request it, all aspects of your sessions are confidential.

It is recommended that new clients schedule at least 1 hour for a complete reading, although it is possible to access some data in less time. The time depends upon the number of animals, your questions, the number of issues and how much data comes through via your animal. About 70% of my 1st time clients choose to extend the time during their first session because the information is so compelling.

How do the fees work?

Ask Wendy about package deals so you can experience an on-going communication experience with your pet relevant to his/her health, behavior, preferences and mission, and your connection to that mission. Again, this is a VERY powerful process and, in many cases, you will learn how to telepathically communicate DIRECTLY with the animal.

Payment Choices:

• Payment requested in advance with a MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express by contacting Wendy.

• Mail a check in advance made out to Wendy Cooper, MSW. Contact Wendy for the address. The check must arrive by the time of the session or you will be asked to pay by credit card.  

• Pay in advance with PayPal. Up to one day before the session, you may submit your payment through PayPal. 


Cancellation Policy: Kindly give 24 hours advance notice if you must cancel, so that someone else may be contacted to fill your slot. Otherwise, please know that you will need to pay 50% of your agreed upon charge.

Be Aware: Any data that is revealed in a session is indicative of the animal’s experience and is not to replace veterinary diagnostic work or care, or formal training.  The sessions are not considered to be psychotherapy in any way.  You receive data as it is interpreted. Sometimes the animal reports information about illness or transitioning from the earth plane. (They do not have worries about these experiences.)
If you do not want this data, please say so before the session starts.


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